Portrait of Adrien: “Qim info renewed my faith in digital services company”

Qim info: A trusted digital services company Adrien Augé joined Qim info’s Zürich branch in February 2022 and is now a thriving collaborator. After several experiences in IT, this young “Test Automation Engineer” found everything he was looking for in a digital services company at Qim info.  Let’s take a look at his career as […]

Qim info helps collaborators build the career of their dreams

Career development for consultants: A priority for Qim info Floriane Sanchis has been a consultant since 2020, and during her career, precisely her time in the Salomon company, her training was financed by Qim info. This was an opportunity to grow in line with their professional aspirations, which led them to become Scrum Master.   As […]

A Portrait of Liviu-Daniel: “Qim info has given me professional stability”

How Qim info provides its collaborators with stability Liviu-Daniel Moldoveanu has been working as a SharePoint Consultant at Qim info for a major trading company since starting his contract in August 2018. After years of moving from contract to contract for other digital services companies, it’s a long-term assignment that provided him with the stability […]

Qim info & ALTERSIS Performance pool their IT expertise!

Established for almost 20 years in Switzerland, Qim info is the 3rd largest IT company (source: ICT Journal) in Swiss Romandie and has more than 550 employees. Qim info offers the skills and profiles best suited to the projects and needs of its clients, and also provides advice and support over the long term. ALTERSIS […]

At Qim info, we support our consultants everyday

Full Stack developer Arthur Bosshardt arrived in Haute-Savoie in December 2022 and has received regular support since joining the company. Training, project tracking, client meetings, and more guarantee the success of his first steps at Qim info. You left your native region at 24 to join the Haute-Savoie and Qim info. How did you experience […]

Qim info, partner of the Club des Entreprises University Savoie Mont-Blanc!

Karim Sekkaï, Director of Qim info, and Nicolas Borghese, General Delegate of the Club des Entreprises, met on Thursday, February 9, 2023 to ratify the partnership agreement between the two entities. “The signature of this partnership formalises Qim info’s commitment to the education of tomorrow’s professionals.” In partnership with the Club des entreprises de l’Université […]

Zoom on the Zürich office

Erwan, you joined Qim info at the end of 2019. How did you get to this line of work? Erwan: after four years’ experience as a Business Manager in an IT services and consulting firm in Nantes, France, I felt like starting a new project. Having already been in contact with Qim info a few […]

Our trades have a future: Let’s talk it over!

For many people, IT jobs are vast and sometimes vague, but this sector now holds a predominant place in our daily lives. The challenges we will be facing will profoundly transform our ways of working. We will need innovative solutions, and IT will contribute to making them a reality. At Qim info, we have our […]

Qim info launches its Product Lab!

For 17 years, Qim info has been offering customised services, helping their clients carry out their IT projects. Through our years of expertise, we have developed a solid understanding of the market’s needs. And the market gave our team a great idea: The Product Lab, a product laboratory Made in Qim info.  In concrete terms, […]